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Anime - Class Description



Level: All, Age Requirements: All, Format: Classroom, Prerequisites: Drawing 101. Figure Drawing preferred.


 Artwork by Kayla Howard



Anime is a very detailed form of cartooning.

Anime 101: The students will be taught to draw face shapes, body shape, facial expressions, body movement, inking and colored pencil. The students will also be learning some Japanese words and expressions.

Anime 102: The students will learn how to use comic boxes, word boxes, inking, and copic markers. They will also learn how to use perspective and draw backgrounds.


To take their creativity, and unique ideas and learn a new form of art.


Anime 101: Each student should have drawn and colored at the very least two characters.

Anime 102: Each student to have one character and a comic page.

This will be submitted into our Art Exhibit at the end of the term.


Check schedule to determine time of class. Students are responsible for showing up on time and practicing their lessons at home.


Students will not be graded (unless in college); however, they will be evaluated on behavior, clean up of their work space and the amount of work they can accomplish.


Anime 101: To be successful in this class, students need to produce at least two characters by the end of the term.

Anime 102: They must have one character and a comic sheet finished by the end of term. We would like to see their creativity, eager participation, and of course we want them to have fun!

     Anime 101: Prismacolor Color Pencils

     Anime 102: Prismacolor Color Pencils

Markers (optional):

For the serious student: Copic inking pens and Copic markers. Copic ink is the best because it is very loose and light.

For the casual Anime student: More economical options include Prismacolor markers, which may be used with prismacolor pencils. Optional addition: Micron Pens.

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