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Color Pencil - Class Description


Each drawing is given life when color is used. Color pencil will teach students how to apply, how to use and discover the technique behind making professional quality color pencil pictures.



Students in the level 101 class create a color wheel, learning basic color theory and practicing blending and burnishing colors. Students learn to observe and apply unexpected colors. They will render an apple, buidling a simple round form with layers of colors. They're then introduced to more complex forms, applying the basics of light and shadow. They now render a flower, a shoe or some similar assignment where they put these skills to work. Students must complete a second project: a landscape, still life, or animal that demonstrates they have grasped all these concepts and are ready for level 102.



Students learn to mix skin colors, work on depth, and more complex drawings. Masters School of Art coaching style is very individual. Many students advance very quickly and others need more time to master blending colors, creating depth and burnishing. Students can bring in pictures from home (to be approved by instructor).



Color Pencil 103 students are given creative assignments, which most are chosen by the student. Original work is encouraged and they may also be asked to do a color pencil project of an old masters painting. 


Students are required to supply their own color pencils. Prismacolor Premiere pencils are the best to use for their waxy base quality. It is easier to blend and build color with Prismacolor pencils. A basic set of 24 would be good enough to start. The best value we have found is to use the 40% off Michael’s coupon that comes in the Sunday paper. (Please do not purchase Crayola, Prismacolor Scholar or Prismacolor Verithin). Be sure to also check as they have good pricing as well.



Check schedule to determine time of class. Students are responsible for showing up on time and making work up outside of class, or work will not be allowed in the art exhibit.


Students will not be graded (unless in college); however, they will be evaluated through level of skill performed in class. There will be cleanup required. Each student is responsible for his or her own area. Please mark all your pencils!



Color Pencil is a class that takes a bit more patience due to building color up on your work. It is not a drawing is a color class. To be successful with Color Pencil, one needs to keep focused and be able to experiment with color freely. They also need to be willing to do every exercise from beginning to end and work hard on all final projects.


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